About ten days ago, my beloved MacBook Pro died. It was working fine when I got up to grab some chow, but when I returned it was dead. It had powered down and was completely and utterly unresponsive. What a bummer.

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iPhone 5 Won’t Turn On or Wake Up

by Michael on January 13, 2013 · 0 comments

As an iPhone owner, there’s no worse feeling than picking up your phone and have it refuse to turn on. You hit the “home” button and nothing happens. You hit the “power” button. Same result. What’s going on?

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Apple TV Can’t Connect to Server

by Michael on December 16, 2012 · 0 comments

Well, I just discovered the downside of iTunes Match… I’m trying to stream music from our Apple TV, but I can’t. Instead, I get the spinning wheel while it’s “Accessing iTunes Store” and then an error.

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As I noted in my previous post, I’m a big fan of the Apple TV, but it’s not without it’s frustrations. Aside from the YouTube login problem, iTunes Match — which has so much potential — can be a little glitchy at times.

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Can’t Login to YouTube with Apple TV

by Michael on December 6, 2012 · 0 comments

The title says it all. We have an Apple TV (3rd gen) which I otherwise love, but… It won’t let me login to YouTube. Very frustrating, as I would love to be able to access my “Watch Later” list, etc. directly from the Apple TV.

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Last night I had my old iPhone re-activated. It was our oldest son’s birthday and he wanted nothing more than a smartphone to replace his old “feature” phone. Since none of us are eligible for an upgrade, this was the cheapest path.

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Google Maps on iOS 6 and/or iPhone 5

by Michael on September 20, 2012 · 0 comments

Bummed that Apple booted Google Maps from their latest iOS update? Don’t despair. Google has promised a dedicated Google Maps app, much like they did for YouTube, but what can you do until it’s available?

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Use a Mobile E-Mail Signature on Gmail

by Michael on August 8, 2012 · 0 comments

As a followup to my previous post about changing the e-mail signature on your iPhone, I wanted to point out that it’s also possible to configure Gmail (or Google Apps) to use different signatures when using the mobile vs. desktop interface.

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