Fix Sony Blu-Ray/DVD Audio Sync Problems

by Michael 10 December 2013

We have a Sony Blu-Ray/DVD player connected to a Panasonic flat panel TV via HDMI with the audio going back from the TV to our Denon A/V receiver via TOSLINK. It’s a nice setup, but the audio is out of sync (slightly ahead) when watching movies.

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CloudFlare and Your Google Crawl Stats

by Michael 20 November 2013

About six weeks ago, I started using CloudFlare on another site of mine. For those that are unaware, CloudFlare is a content delivery network (CDN) and distributed DNS service that is intended to improve site performance and security.

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Fixing the WordPress “Cannot Modify Header Information” Error

by Michael 19 October 2013

I recently started seeing a PHP-related error that kept popping up while clicking around in my WordPress dashboard. Whenever I’d toggle a plugin, change themes, try to preview a post, it would pop up. How very annoying.

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Apple iMessages Out of Order

by Michael 22 August 2013

I’m a huge fan of Apple’s iMessage. Since pretty much everyone in our family has an iDevice of some sort, and because messages come through to my iPhone, MacBook Pro, and iPad, it’s a great way for staying in touch. That being said…

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How to Comment Out HTML Code in WordPress Posts and Pages

by Michael 12 July 2013

The other day, I had to remove a bit of content in a WordPress post. It was related to an affiliate offer that had expired but I wanted to save the relevant text/code in case they brought the offer back. I thus decided to comment it out.

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Asus Laptop Won’t Charge

by Michael 24 June 2013

Yesterday afternoon, my son reported that his Asus laptop wouldn’t charge. It’s about a year and a half old and has shown no other signs of trouble. A bit of basic troubleshooting suggested that it was the laptop itself, not the charger.

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DirecTV Error: Your TV Does Not Support This Program’s Content Protection

by Michael 13 June 2013

I just ran into an annoying but easily solved problem with our DirecTV system. I went to turn on the TV this morning and got an error message advising me that our TV doesn’t support the program’s content protection. On every channel.

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Share Parental Control Across TVs With the DirecTV Genie System

by Michael 10 June 2013

As a quick followup to my earlier post describing the inability to share favorite channels across TVs with the DirecTV Genie whole house DVR… I just wanted to point out that a similar limitation applies to the parental settings.

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