Xbox 360 Error Code E74

by Michael on July 13, 2009 · 0 comments

This past Saturday, our Xbox 360 started flaking out while we were playing FIFA ’09. The video got fuzzy, and we started getting lines across the screen. When we re-started the Xbox, the problems went away, but came back. Not long thereafter, the kids reported to me that the Xbox was broken.

The console was reporting a “System Error,” and directing us to contact Xbox support. At the bottom of the screen was an error code (E74) and the 4th quadrant of the ring around the power button was blinking red. Armed with that info, I logged on to Xbox support and was greeted with an unhappy message that our warranty had expired even though we bought our Xbox less than a year ago.

I promptly called Xbox support and was told that:

  1. they’ve extended the warranty for the E74 error (and a few others) from one to three years, and
  2. they’ll send me some info by e-mail on how to correct the warranty expiration date

So now we have to ship our Xbox back to Microsoft and wait 2-3 weeks. The good news is that the repair will be free, and they’ll cover shipping both ways. On top of that, we’re covered against similar problems for another 2+ years. The bad news is that the info on how to correct the warranty expiration date never showed up, so I’ll have to get back in touch with them.

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