Windows Unable to Connect to Wifi Network

by Michael on April 2, 2013 · 0 comments

We’re currently on vacation and my kids have been struggling with the wifi network where we’re staying. Every once in awhile their computers will lose (and be unable to re-gain) network connectivity. Very frustrating.

They’ll try to load a web page, get a message saying that their computer is unable to connect to the internet, and the only solution will be to reboot the modem.

Re-establishing the connection from their laptops doesn’t help and neither does rebooting their computers. At first I thought it might be a WEP vs. WPA2 issue, but dropping it back to WEP doesn’t improve the situation.

Unfortunately, the Windows diagnostics doesn’t help. It goes through the motions and then suggests that I do something like reset the wireless network connection adapter. Gee, thanks.

I eventually realized that the computer might be powering down the wireless card to save battery juice. In that case, it might be having trouble (for whatever reason) re-establishing a connection without power cycling the router.

To test this, I went into the Device Manager (accessible through Control Panels), opened the Network devices, right-clicked on the wireless adapter, selected Properties, and then clicked on the Power Management tab.

From there, I unchecked the box for Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power and clicked OK.

This improved the situation, but it hasn’t fixed the problem entirely. They’re still (intermittently) losing connectivity, suggesting that the power-saving feature is only part of the problem. Oh well… At least we’re at the beach.

For the record, the computers in question are a pair of Asus U47A notebooks (running Windows 7) with Intel wireless cards and the router is a D-Link DIR-601.

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