Windows Taskbar Won’t Auto-Hide

by Michael on April 20, 2013 · 0 comments

Just had another annoying problem with my son’s Windows notebook. Sure am I glad that I (mostly) use a Mac! This time around, the Windows Taskbar had stopped auto-hiding. He had it configured properly, but it wouldn’t obey the setting.

As it turn out, he had a notification in the Action Center (looks like a little flag icon down in the Notification Center) that was keeping the Taskbar visible even though it wasn’t popping up. In this case, it was a warning about Windows Backup.

To fix the problem, I right-clicked the flag, opened the Action Center, and then unchecked the box for notifications about Windows Backup. That’s it. Problem solved.

If you run into this problem, you should first make sure the auto-hide functionality is turned on. To do this, right-click the Taskbar, select properties, check the box, and click Apply.

From there, work through all of the items in the Notification Center and clear any remaining notifications (whether or not they’re visible). If that doesn’t work and you find another solution, feel free to post it in the comments, below.

Oh, and for the record, this was with Windows 7.

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