Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone (or iPod/iPad)

by Michael on March 18, 2011 · 1 comment

While waiting for my son’s soccer practice to wind down, I got into a conversation with another dad about jailbreaking your iPhone. He was sitting along the sidelines messing around with his iPad and lamenting the high cost of the data plan.

When I mentioned to him that I decided to jailbreak my iPhone so I could share its 3G signal with other devices, he was full of questions…

How hard is it to jailbreak? Is it a hassle to manage your phone after you jailbreak it? In retrospect, was jailbreaking worth the trouble?

The answers to these questions are: not hard at all, nope, and absolutely.

I got my first iPhone back in the summer of 2009. It was an iPhone 3Gs, and I ran it with the stock Apple system software for close to a year. When I finally decided to jailbreak, it was so I could use MyWi to turn my phone into a free wifi hotspot.

Since that time, I’ve discovered a few additional apps that make jailbreaking even more worthwhile. For example, I now use SBSettings to manage my settings, biteSMS for super-powered texting, 3G Unrestrictor to download files that over 20MB without a wifi connection, WiFi Sync to sync over wifi instead of USB, etc.

And yes, you can still use iTunes and the regular App Store after jailbreaking.

The only real hassle associated with jailbreaking is restoring your jailbreak apps and settings after you upgrade to a new version of iOS. Fortunately, there’s an app called PKGBackup that lets you do this with the touch of a button.

So yeah, jailbreaking your iPhone is totally worth it.

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