What is an “Untethered” iPhone Jailbreak?

by Michael on June 12, 2010 · 0 comments

After resisting the temptation for close to a year, I’ve finally decided to jailbreak my iPhone. My main motivation for doing this is to be able to tether my MacBook Pro to my 3G connection. I’d also like to be able to give me kids mobile internet access for their iPods and/or netbooks when we’re traveling.

Sure, I could always downgrade to a capped AT&T data plan and then pay a $20 tethering fee (once it’s actually available), but that’s expensive, and it’s also very limited. In fact, the “official” tethering method will require a USB or bluetooth connection, with no option for creating a local wifi network.

So anyway… While researching jailbreak methods, I ran across “Spirit,” which offers an “untethered jailbreak” for the iPhone. Unsure of what exactly that meant, I did a bit of digging.

As it turns out, the term “untethered” when used in relation to a jailbreak means that you don’t have to connect to iTunes every time you reboot your iPod Touch or iPhone. In other words, it has nothing to do with whether or not you can tether another device to your 3G connection.

More later… I’m off to jailbreak my iPhone!

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