What is a Delta Airlines Mileage Segment?

by Michael on April 9, 2011 · 0 comments

I recently received a bonus offer from Delta Airlines that was targeted to frequent fliers. In short, if I fly six “qualifying segments” in the next three months, I’ll earn double miles plus I’ll qualify for a 75% mileage bonus for the rest of the year.

Sounds great, but what is “qualifying segment”? I actually have a couple of trips booked, so I was hoping that I’d qualify based on those. As it turns out, a mileage segment is defined as a flight with a unique flight number, regardless of the number of stops, etc.

In other words, when you fly nonstop to a destination, you get one segment in each direction. If you have a stopover, but the flight number doesn’t change, then you still only get one segment. But if you connect to a different flight, then you’ll earn an additional segment for the connection.

Fortunately, the two trips that I’ve already scheduled are enough to qualify for the bonus. The first is a simple out-and-back, with nonstop flights in both directions. The second involves a connection to a different flight number both going out and coming back.

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