Switching D-Link Router to OpenDNS

by Michael on December 31, 2012 · 0 comments

Okay, the D-Link DIR-655 firmware update didn’t end up solving my DSL problems. Thus, I decided to disable the “Advanced DNS Service” and switch to OpenDNS. If this doesn’t help, then I probably have a hardware problem.

You’ll notice that I didn’t revert to my ISP’s (AT&T FastAccess DSL) DNS service. The reason for this is that I previously had DNS problems that were, for the most part, solved by switching away and using the D-Links “Advanced DNS Service.”

Hopefully, by switching to OpenDNS, my problems will be a thing of the past. To make the switch, I pointed my browser to, logged into the router’s admin interface, and then went to:

Setup > Internet > Manual Internet Connection Setup

From there, I unchecked the “Enable Advanced DNS Service” box. I then went down and updated the DNS servers, as follows:

Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:

Save the settings, click the button to reboot your router, and you’re done.

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