Share Parental Control Across TVs With the DirecTV Genie System

by Michael on June 10, 2013 · 0 comments

As a quick followup to my earlier post describing the inability to share favorite channels across TVs with the DirecTV Genie whole house DVR… I just wanted to point out that a similar limitation applies to the parental settings.

Do you want to restrict TV shows or movies based on their ratings, limit spending on pay-per-view content (we have it set it to $0/day), or block certain channels entirely? No problem. Just set up the parental controls:

Settings > Settings & Help > Parental Controls

But keep in mind that you’ll have to repeat the process for each and every TV in your house. Yes, the granularity is nice. Perhaps you want to limit one TV but not another. But why oh why couldn’t they give you the option of pushing the parental controls out to all TVs?

Oh well, as I said before, it’s a great system overall — even with these seemingly arbitrary limitations. For the record, this is the latest Genie whole house DVR system (HR44) with Genie Minis (C41) attached to three other TVs.

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