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by Michael on August 16, 2012 · 0 comments

Dear Google: I know that I’m not the only one to have asked for this (see, for example, here) but… Please, please, please add a “Send and Delete” button to the Gmail interface. Go ahead and hide it in Labs if you must. Just do it.

I’m aware that this request flies in the face of your “archive, don’t delete” philosophy but there are some messages (or even conversations) that are truly inconsequential and just get in the way when rifling through our mail in the future.

In such cases many of us like to delete things. But without a button to do this in one fell swoop (yes, I used the phrase “one fell swoop” and I’m not even [all that] old) the whole delete-after-sending thing is a pain in the butt.

This would be great for both one-off messages that I initiate as well as quick replies to conversations that I don’t care to keep track of. Just hit “Send and Delete” and the whole conversation gets wiped out in a single click.

Bottom line: You did a great thing by creating the “Send and Archive” button (available via Gmail Labs for those who are unaware). The creation of a “Send and Delete” button would be equally revolutionary.

Yours truly,

The guy who really, really (really!) wants a “Send and Delete” button

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