Review: WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners

by Michael on April 25, 2012 · 2 comments

In the past month, we’ve bought two new vehicles — a Honda Odyssey EX and a Honda CR-V EX. As we always do when we get a new vehicle, we also bought custom floor mats to protect the carpet from our four kids.

The last time around, we went with Lloyd’s RubberTite mats, which are quite durable and custom cut to fit your vehicle. These worked well enough, but though they tended to slip around a bit in the second row and they didn’t have an option for the third row in our Odyssey.

After a bit of research, we decided to give the WeatherTeach DigitalFit floor liners a whirl this time around. They’re not cheap, but boy are they nice. They fit very well and provide much better coverage than the Lloyd’s floor mats.

We’re especially pleased with the 2nd and 3rd row coverage in the Odyssey. It’s a single piece with cutouts for the second row seats. As such, the walk-through (created when you remove the wedge seat from the second row) is well-protected.

For what it’s worth, the layout of the Odyssey LX is a bit different, and my understanding is that the WeatherTech liners are intended for use in the EX. Thus, if you have an LX, your experience may differ considerably from ours.

We also bought the cargo mats for both the Odyssey and CR-V, and these fit equally well. We had previously picked up the Odyssey cargo tray from Honda but ended up returning it in favor of the WeatherTech cargo mat.

As far as the color goes, we went with grey on both sets (both cars have grey interiors) and they look really, really good.

If you’re looking for a edge-to-edge carpet protection — either from the elements or from your kids — I highly recommend WeatherTech’s DigitalFit floor liners.

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