Problems Rooting a Nook Tablet

by Michael on December 26, 2011 · 0 comments

I spent much of last night trying to root the Nook Tablet that we bought our oldest son for Christmas. Being fairly computer savvy, and having experience jailbreaking numerous iDevices, I fully expected this to go smoothly. Boy, was I wrong.

The good news is that we were ultimately successful, and he’s the proud owner of a rooted Nook Tablet, complete with the Android Market. What follows is a rundown of the problems that we experienced and how we solved them.

For background, we were following the instructions from the XDA Developers forum, and the initial steps went well. We got it into USB debugging mode and updated the drivers without a hitch, but then we hit a major snag…

When it came time to run the “NookandZergy” script to actually root the device and install the Android market, we couldn’t get it to work. We were using my son’s laptop running Windows 7 Home Edition (64 bit) and it didn’t seem to recognize the Nook properly. When it comes up, you’re supposed to see a long number followed by the word “device.” Instead, we got that number followed by the word “offline.”

And when I clicked “Y” to proceed, it just hung with the following message:

"first need to make sure you didnt lie about it showing up, I also need to check for root and a sdcard"

and it refused to go any further. I re-did everything multiple times and the same thing kept happening. When I tried entering the commands manually from the command line, I got a bit further, but then it would error out trying to find “build.prop” — again, I re-tried multiple times with the same result.

Frustrated, I went to bed.

But then we had an idea this morning. Actually, my son suggested it, so credit for the solution goes to him. We simply switched to a computer running Windows XP Home Edition. Bingo! The script ran flawlessly, and we had a rooted Nook Tablet, complete with the Android Market, within a few minutes.

So… If you’ve experienced similar problems, I recommend re-trying the process using a machine running Windows XP. I’m assuming there’s a bug of some sort in the script that makes it incompatible with Windows 7, but I don’t know enough to identify (much less fix) the actual problem.

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