Our Geek Squad Appliance Repair (Review)

by Michael on February 15, 2012 · 0 comments

Talk about annoying. About two weeks ago, our LG washer started giving a tE error code and refusing to complete the current cycle. After realizing that this was due to a problem with the thermistor, we decided to call in a professional to fix it.

Because we don’t know any good appliance repair shops, and the ones we’ve found have questionable reputations, we called Best Buy (where we bought the washer) to set up a visit from a “Geek Squad” repairman.

First, the good… The repairman has been very friendly and professional — and punctual, which is important.

Now, the bad… Here we are, two weeks after first discovering the problem, and it’s still not fixed. And the repair guy has been here twice.

We called late in the week and were told that the repair guy wouldn’t be able to make it until Tuesday. Fine. The washer was still working, albeit with intermittent errors, so we could wait.

He showed up as scheduled on Tuesday, but didn’t do anything more than confirm the problem and then order the part. Seriously? We gave them the model # and the error code when we called, why couldn’t he bring the part with him?

Whatever. It was going to take a few days for the part to come in, and he was booked for the rest of the week, so he re-scheduled us for the following Tuesday. He also asked for a $100 payment.

This is their standard fee for a service call, but it covers all visits for a given problem. Once the problem is fixed, we’ll have to pay the balance, which is the cost of the part — around $60, though I’m sure we could get it cheaper ourselves.

Again, whatever. Fast forward a week. He shows up with the part and gets to work. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong part, so… He puts our washing machine back together and heads out.

The part — hopefully the right one — has been re-ordered, and he’s coming out on Saturday to (hopefully) fix the problem once and for all.

All in all, a rather annoying experience.

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