Netflix Price Increase

by Michael on July 12, 2011 · 0 comments

In case you haven’t heard, Netflix has changed their pricing and effectively split out DVDs from their streaming service. At the low end, you now have to choose between the one-at-a-time DVD service and their unlimited streaming for $7.99 apiece.

If you want to keep them both, you can, but you’ll now have to pay a combined $15.98/month – up from the current $9.99/month. Of course, the current price itself represents a price increase over the original $7.99/month. Want more DVDs? No problem…

  • Two-at-a-time (minus the streaming) is $11.99/month – or you can add on streaming for a total of $19.98/month.
  • Three-at-a-time plus streaming (you can’t get the DVDs alone at this level) is $23.98/month.
  • Four-at-a-time plus streaming (again, you can’t get the DVDs alone) is $29.98/month.

And the plans go up from there, topping out at eight-at-a-time plus streaming for $51.98/month. Seriously? Eight-at-a-time? That’s just crazy.

Or you can go to the other extreme and get the bargain basement one-at-a-time plan (limit of two DVDs total per month) plus a mere two hours of streaming for $4.99/month.

To say that I’m disappointed in this change would be putting it mildly. Our current plan is to drop back to unlimited streaming and then supplement with RedBox and/or Blockbuster Express kiosks. I’m also thinking about throwing Hulu Plus into the mix, which would give us a pretty nice combination of content on our Roku box

Note that if you don’t login and change your plan, you’ll default into the new pricing structure on September 1st. I’ve already made the change, as there’s no way that I’m willing to pay an extra eight bucks for a measly one-at-a-time DVD plan.

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