LG Washer: tE Error Code

by Michael on February 4, 2012 · 0 comments

My wife recently heard a funny chime from our LG Tromm front-loading washer. When she went to the laundry room, it was reporting error code tE. The manual instructed her to unplug the washer and call for service.

Since it was in the middle of a cycle when the error struck, however, she decided to unplug/replug the washing machine and let it finish the current load.

Power cycling took care of the error code (at least temporarily) and the cycle finished without problems. Unfortuantely, the problem recurred a day or so later… More chimes, and another tE error code.

Concerned, she called the number in the manual for advice. The LG rep that she spoke to advised her that this error code corresponds to a “thermistor error” — in other words, there’s a problem with temperature control.

The rep also gave her instructions for resetting the washer, though I (unfortunately) can’t recall exactly what the steps were. Regardless, that didn’t help, so it sounds like a repair is in order.

While I typically enjoy fixing things around the house, I’ve been swamped and simply don’t have time to tackle this myself. Thus, we called Best Buy (where we bought it) and they’re sending a “Geek Squad” appliance repairman on Monday.

Yes, we could probably get it done cheaper by a local appliance repair outfit, but we’re still (relatively) new to the area, and most of the places we’ve checked out so far have questionable reputations. So Geek Squad it is…

For reference, our washer is model number WM2487HWM.

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