iTunes Audiobooks Not Grouping Properly in Grid View?

by Michael on March 31, 2009 · 0 comments

Over the weekend, I noticed that some of my audiobooks weren’t grouping properly in the iTunes “grid view.” Never one to let something like this slide, I decided to figure out what was wrong. Here’s the scoop…

I switched to list view, selected all files for one of the troublesome titles, hit ⌘-I (i.e., “Get Info”) and then checked to be sure that the Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, etc. matched across files. It did.

On the off chance that there were some hidden characters (or perhaps an errant space) in one of the fields, I tried changing the info in each field and then changing it back. No dice. Perplexed, I next flipped through the other tabs in the info window and eventually discovered the culprit…

For some reason, the “Part of a Compilation?” setting under the “Options” tab wasn’t the same across files. I switched them all to “No” and voíla, the problem was solved. I’m mainly posting this because I Googled high and low and couldn’t find the answer anywhere. Hopefully this will save someone a bit of frustration.

As a sidenote, I’m pretty sure that the bad info got in there when I had iTunes fetch the track names (these were books that I ripped myself). I standardized all of the visible data, such as the titles and author names, but failed to correct the less visible settings. Lesson learned.

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