iPhone Won’t Connect to Internet After Using MyWi

by Michael on January 20, 2012 · 5 comments

It’s no secret that I love using MyWi to share the 3G connection on my jailbroken iPhone. I was thus disappointed to discover that my phone had stopped connecting to the internet after using MyWi — and the only way to fix it was to re-boot.

As it turns out, this was due to a bug in the b1 release of the redsn0w jailbreak. The good news is that it’s a simple thing to fix — though not quite as simple (in my case) as Google would have you think.

For starters, I ran across several articles stating that I simply needed to re-jailbreak with the latest version of redsn0w (currently b4). So I did, being careful to uncheck the box to install Cydia (since it’s already installed).

Note: You really should backup your iPhone before re-jailbreaking just in case something goes wrong. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Unfortunately, this didn’t help. I then dug a bit deeper and found a recommendation to install the Corona 5.0.1 Untether via Cydia. This didn’t make much sense since I already have an untethered jailbreak, and because the latest version of redsn0w was supposed to apply the same fixes, but…

I went ahead and installed the Corona Untether, and guess what? It solved the problem entirely. So now I’m once again free share my 3G connection with my other devices without having to re-boot my phone when I’m done.

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