iPhone Stops Charging When Bumped or Moved

by Michael on December 10, 2013 · 0 comments

My son’s iPhone 5 recently started giving him problems. While it was otherwise working well, it would stop charging when he would move the phone or bump/jostle the charging cable.

He tried multiple power Apple-branded power cables, always with the same result. If he’d bump or wiggle the plug, it would stop charging. At first, we thought the power port was wearing out and getting loose, but…

Believe it or not, it turned out to be pocket lint jammed down inside the port that was prevent it from making a clean connection. When he (gently) cleaned it out with a toothpick, all was well.

While chatting with an Apple rep during the troubleshooting process, I also got details of their Express Replacement Service. In short:

“There is a $29.00 plus tax fee for the service. There is also a hold placed on your credit card for the retail value of the replacement iPhone. The removal of the hold is processed when we receive your original device back. All packaging and postage is provided.”

So, if you end up needing service, it is possible to get an advance replacement so you won’t be phone-less in the interim. And I’ve heard that it might even be possible to get that $29 fee waived — can’t hurt to ask, the worst they can do is say now.

But hopefully you can solve your problems by just carefully cleaning out the power port.

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