iPod Touch Headphones Stopped Working in One Ear

by Michael on July 18, 2010 · 0 comments

Our 12 year old’s iPod Touch headphones recently stopped working. More specifically, there was no sound coming out of the right ear. Unfortunately, since these are the same headphones that ship with the iPhone, complete with the on-wire volume control and microphone, they’re not cheap to replace.

My initial reaction was that he hadn’t plugged them in properly, and that if he would simply seat them more solidly in the jack, then both ears would start working again. Unfortunately, that didn’t work.

Next, we tested in another device. Again, no sound. That was actually good news, as it meant that his iPod Touch headphone jack hadn’t gone bad; rather, it really was the headphones that were failing.

Interestingly, the volume control and mic are on the right headphone wire, and they work just fine. Thus, the problem seems to be higher – probably where the wire connects to the headphone itself.

Anyways… The good news is that there’s no visible damage to the headphones, and his iPod is still under warranty. Thus, we should be able to get them swapped without having to buy a new set.

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