iPad Won’t Restore or Update

by Michael on July 8, 2011 · 1 comment

Last night, while trying to update my iPad to the lastest and greatest version of iOS, I ran into a problem. For starters, iTunes crashed while installing the update. I thus had to put my iPad into recovery mode and try again. But then I got stuck.

I tried once again to update. At least I didn’t have to wait for the gigantic download this time around, but… The update failed. The progress bar made it most of the way across the screen, but then it just hung “Restoring iPad software…” I tried again (after force-quitting iTunes) but the same thing happened.

Weird. I check to be sure I had the latest version of iTunes, and I did. Same goes for the latest version of OS X. So now what?

I decided to jump into “~/Library/iTunes/iPad Software Updates” and delete the update that I had downloaded on the off chance that it was corrupt. I then put my iPad back into recovery mode, fired up iTunes, and re-downloaded the update…

Blah. It didn’t work. Same things as before… The progress bar made it most of the way across, and then… Nothing. Stuck in “Restoring iPad software…” Today, I tried again at work, where I have a much faster connection so the download is blazing fast. Sadly, the same thing happened again.

Thankfully, I backed everything up before starting this process so it should be easy to recover from my troubles – once I figure out how to restore the damn iOS, that is!

Update: Problem solved… iPad Won’t Restore or Update (Resolved)

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Jack Taylor July 9, 2011 at 9:45 am

I had this problem with my iPhone. I changed my /etc/hosts file to communicate with Saurik’s servers a while back, and despite my efforts, I’ve been unable to restore the file to go back to Apple. So… what I had to do was restore with another Mac that did communicate with Apple, and then complete the jb on my MacBook. Worth a try.

Hope this helps.


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