How to Save a Chart as an Image in Microsoft Excel 2007

by Michael on May 4, 2009 · 0 comments

I try to avoid the Windows world as much as possible, but sometimes I can’t get away from it. Today was one of those days. Long story short, I was making a graph in Excel and needed to save it as an image file. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it.

You used to be able to simply right-click on the chart and then choose “Save as Image.” Unfortunately, Microsoft removed that functionality for some inexplicable reason, so… I was stuck.

But then I had a brainstorm. I right-clicked the chart, selected “Copy” from the popup menu, and then pasted it into Microsoft Paint. From there, I did a quick “File – Save” and I was in business.

For those of you that don’t have MS Paint installed, here’s a newer (free) version that has all sorts of additional capabilities:

Paint.NET – Free software for digital photo editing

In fact, even if you don’t need it for turning Excel 2007 charts into images, Paint.NET is well worth checking out.

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