How to Report Text Message Spam

by Michael on June 4, 2012 · 0 comments

As a followup to my earlier post on how to block SMS spam, I also wanted to share a tip for reporting SMS spam so carriers can improve their filters. If you have an à la carte (or no) messaging plan, you can also request a credit.

When you receive SMS spam, simply forward it to short code 7726 (which spells “SPAM” on a phone keypad). All major carriers — including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile — support this spam reporting functionality.

When I do this on AT&T, I get an immediate reply asking for the number from which the message originated. I send that back and I’m done. The main annoyance here is that I haven’t figured out a good way to copy the originating phone number, so I have to commit it to short-term memory while crafting my reply.

For what it’s worth, the actual spam-reporting messages are (or should be free) though AT&T doesn’t automatically credit you back for the spam itself. Thus, if you don’t have an unlimited messaging plan, you’ll need to contact AT&T and specifically request a credit for the spam message(s) that you’ve received.

The good news is that, by reporting these messages, you should be helping to improve the provider-side message filtering and ultimately reducing the amount of spam that gets through. Of course, if you follow my instructions for blocking text message spam, you’ll rarely (if ever) get spam in the first place.

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