How to Remove Resource Forks From Image Files on a Mac

by Michael on December 19, 2009 · 0 comments

If you don’t know what a resource fork is or why you might want to remove one, you can probably safely skip this post. But if you do… Then read on, as I’ve stumbled across a handy little tool.

For background, I’m a Mac user, and have long used a contextual menu item known as GrimRipper CM to remove delete resource forks on image files. Unfortunately, third-party contextual menu items died with Snow Leopard, so I had to find an alternative to GrimRipper.

While you can always go into the Terminal to do the deed, I wanted a point-and-click method for deleting resource forks. Fortunately, I stumbled across just such a tool tonight.

Here’s the link:

Zap Resource Forks

It’s an Automator action that you can add to your Services menu. Once installed, you can highlight the file(s) from which you want to strip the resource fork(s) and then access the service from the Finder pulldown menu. Very easy, and it works great.

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