How to Put the iPhone Newsstand App in a Folder

by Michael on December 30, 2011 · 0 comments

After upgrading to iOS 5, I discovered that Apple has added a “Newsstand” app that holds various news sources and subscriptions. Unfortunately, they don’t allow you to add it to a folder, so it’s hard to hide it if you don’t use it.

Well, guess what? I’ve discovered that you can stick the Newsstand app in a folder, albeit with a major caveat. So how do you put it in a folder? Easy…

Simply drag one app onto another (neither of which is the Newsstand app) to create a folder and, while the folder creation animation is happening, quickly drag the Newsstand app onto it.

Voíla. The Newsstand app is now nestled inside your newly created folder.

The caveat that I mentioned? I can’t actually get it to launch from within the folder. Instead, it hangs and I have to reboot my iPhone. But if you want to hide it away in a folder, this works.

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