How to Make an Auto-Start DVD With No Menu Using iDVD

by Michael on April 19, 2010 · 0 comments

I recently helped my son shoot a news story for his Language Arts class. We shot the video using our Flip Mino camcorder, dragged the clips into iMovie for editing, and then exported the finished product in .m4v format.

Unfortunately, his teacher couldn’t get the video to play on her computer even though it plays flawlessly on my Mac and my son’s Windows XP netbook. While I could’ve uploaded it to a video hosting site, I decided to burn a DVD instead.

The good news is that iMovie can feed movies straight into iDVD. The bad news is that iDVD insists on including a menu. This was a simple movie and we just wanted it to start as soon as the disc is inserted.

iDVD actually has an auto-start function available from the DVD map. Simply create a new project, click the map button near the bottom of the window, and then drag your movie from the media tab into the auto-play box.

The downside here is that, while the disc auto-starts, there’s still a menu included on the disc. Thus, there’s a risk that the viewer will get dumped back out to the menu. What I wanted was a true auto-play disc that has no menu whatsoever.

Create an Auto-Play DVD in iDVD

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution…

  1. Export your movie from iMovie by selecting “Export Movie…” from the “Share” menu
  2. Open iDVD and select “OneStep DVD from Movie…”
  3. Select your exported movie and click the “Import” button

That’s it. Insert a blank DVD when prompted and iDVD should do the rest. I just did it and tested out the resulting DVD. Success!

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