How to Repair a Sprinkler Head That Won’t Rotate

by Michael on June 12, 2011 · 6 comments

Do you have an irrigation system for your lawn? We do, and it’s been great. Unfortunately, I noticed the other day that one of the sprinkler heads wasn’t rotating. The good news is that I fixed it without spending a dime.

For background, our system consists of a bunch of Hunter PGP rotary sprinkler heads in various zones. While I was adjusting the heads to make sure everything is in tip-top shape for the summer, I noticed that one of them wasn’t moving.

While replacing a sprinkler head isn’t a big deal, I didn’t happen to have a replacement on hand, and I didn’t really want to drop $10-$15 to get new one. Thus, after thinking a bit about the gear-driven design, I decided to give it a few whacks.

Guess what? It worked. I simply struck it a few times with the heel of my palm and voilĂ  – it started rotating. I’m not entirely sure what was wrong but, given the gear-driven design, I think it was one of two things. Either there was some gunk that preventing it from rotating, or the gears had gotten mis-aligned.

Regardless of the cause, this quick fix is definitely worth a shot. For what it’s worth, I suspect that a similar approach might also work for other brands with a similar design, including Rain Bird, K Rain, Toro, and Orbit sprinkler heads.

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