How to Fix Buzzing and/or Sound Distortion on Your Sony LCD TV

by Michael on November 2, 2010 · 0 comments

Last spring we bought a new Sony Bravia LCD TV. While we’ve generally been happy with it, there have been a few hiccups. For example, the now solved problem with the screen blacking out when watching DVDs over HDMI. And now this…

While watching TV, my wife and I have both noticed a faint buzzing sound during loud scenes. At first I thought we might have faulty speakers, resulting in sound distortion at higher volume. What I discovered, however, is that it was just a simple vibration problem.

The good news is that, once I figured out the problem, it only took a couple of pieces of transparent (Scotch) tape to solve it.

Here’s a stock photo of our Sony LCD TV (Model #KDL-W5150) with the approximate location of the stereo speakers underlined in red along the bottom of the screen.


In order to silence the buzzing, I simply put a small (ca. 1 inch long) piece of transparent tape along the gap between the outer edge of the speaker and the bezel of the TV – the approximate location is marked with green dots.

The tape is actually along bottom edge, running from front to back, so you can’t see it, and it appears to stabilize things enough to silence the buzzing. Hooray for Scotch tape! And boo to Sony for not securing their speakers better.

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