How to Fix an iPhone or iPod That Re-Copies Everything When You Synchronize

by Michael on April 11, 2010 · 0 comments

My son’s iPod Touch has been been giving us a bit of trouble recently. Whenever he plugs it in, it claims to be synchronizing but instead it re-copies everything. While that might not sound like a huge deal, he has the 64GB model loaded with a ton of movies, and it takes a long time to complete the process.

The good news is, I fixed it. While trying to figure out how to share iPod or iPhone apps with other users, I got frustrated and went digging for a solution. I fiddled around with the synchronization settings, but came up empty.

I later struck gold when I decided to “Restore” his iPod to the factory settings. All I had to do was select his iPod from the “Devices” section along the left side of the iTunes interface, click the “Restore” button, and give iTunes permission to do its thing.

It took awhile for the restoration process to complete, but once his iPod had finished updating and re-synchronizing the content from his netbook, all was well. I unplugged, messed around, re-plugged, and found that it now syncs properly.

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