How to Fix a Wet Cell Phone

by Michael on September 19, 2010 · 0 comments

A few months ago, my wife’s cell phone fell off her lab and into a cup of water alongside the driver’s seat in our Honda Odyssey. Panicked, she snatched it out, pulled the battery, and dried it off as well as possible.

When she got home, she tried all the usual tricks, including sealing it in a Zip-Loc bag with uncooked rice in hopes that the grains would absorb the excess moisture. When we turned it back on, it worked fine, but you could still see water droplets inside the screen.

While we probably could’ve been patient and left it in the rice or another dessicant for a few more days, she wanted her phone back in pristine condition sooner rather than later.

On a whim, I fired up our dehumidifier and set the phone on a chair alongside the exhaust vent, where all the dry air comes blasting out. Since she had a Pantech Matrix, which slides in more than one direction, I periodically slid/unslid and re-oriented it.

Within a few hours… Bingo. The phone was as dry as can be, and it worked perfectly until this past week, when our son knocked it into water once again. Unfortunately, the damage was too extensive this time around, and we had to replace her phone.

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