How to Fix a Schlage Door Bolt/Latch That Won’t Retract

by Michael on September 30, 2012 · 5 comments

Today I discovered that the latch on the door from our house into the garage wouldn’t retract (spring back) when it hit the strike plate. When I swung it shut, the latch banged off the strike plate. Thus, I had to turn the knob to close the door.

Bummer. The door locks and handlesets in our house are all Schlage, and they’re not particularly cheap. Thus, I wasn’t crazy about the prospect of buying a new one.

I started by removing the two screws from the flange under the inside knob. This allowed me to pull the two knobs apart and expose the latch mechanism inside.

I then removed the two screws from the plate surrounding the latch (on the edge of the door) which allowed me to pull the latch out. After playing with it for awhile, soaking it down with WD-40, etc. but I couldn’t get it to work.

Frustrated, I headed to the hardware store.

Fortunately, I found that you can buy new latch mechanisms for Schlage (and Kwikset, etc.) handlesets. Thus, I was able to pick up the necessary part for around ten bucks.

The part in question was a “Schlage Triple Option Deadlatch.”

The only (minor) issue was that the plate around the replacement latch bolt was brass and our handlesets are brushed nickel. But much to my relief, you can pop the plates off (with a flathead screwdriver) and switch them around.

I would’ve augmented this post with pictures (as I’ve done for other repairs in the past) but the entire process was so easy that I was able to complete the job in less time than it would take to snap some photos and post them.

The hardest part was driving to the store to buy the new latch.

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