How to Check Your iPhone Data Usage

by Michael on June 2, 2010 · 0 comments

With AT&T’s recent announcement that they’ll be discontinuing their “unlimited data” plans for new customers in favor of their new “DataPlus” ($15 for 200MB) and “DataPro” ($25 for 2GB) plans, you might be wondering (like I was) how to check your data usage. Fortunately, it’s easy.

The easiest way to check on your data usage is to click go into your iPhone setting, select “General,” and then select “Usage.” This will give you data related to both your call time and your cellular network data usage.

The downside to this “onboard” estimate is that it’s cumulative (ever since your last reset). Thus, it can be hard to peg down usage over specific intervals unless you check it regularly. Alternatively, you can check your data usage using the AT&T “myWireless” app or by logging in at

With the app, simply log in and click the “Usage” button at the bottom of the screen. If you have a family plan, you’ll need to pull up the individual iPhone line(s) to get your data usage. On the website, simply login and click on the “View Past Data Usage” link.

I just checked, and I’ve used and average of 201MB per month over the past six months. However, I’ve only exceeded 200MB twice during that period, so I would’ve been well-served to have been on the DataPlus plan (or even DataPro).

With the unlimited data plan, I paid 6 x $30/month = $180.

With DataPlus*, it would have been 6 x $15 + (2 x $15) = $120.

With DataPro, it would have been 6 x $25 = $150.

*Note: Additional data is available for $15/200MB block under DataPlus, and for $10/1GB block under DataPro.

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