How to Backup and Restore Your Jailbreak Apps, Data, and Settings

by Michael on March 18, 2011 · 0 comments

As I noted in my previous post about jailbreaking your iPhone, the only real hassle associated with jailbreaking is having to re-install all of your jailbreak apps after you upgrade and re-jailbreak. Well, guess what? There’s “an app for that.”

It’s called PKGBackup and it works flawlessly with Dropbox. Yes, it costs $7.99, but trust me… It’s totally worth it.

To use it, simply install the app via Cydia, hook it to you Dropbox account, and tap a button to create a backup. If you ever need to restore, simply re-jailbreak your phone, re-install PKGBackup, hook it to your Dropbox account, and tap a button to restore all of your jailbreak goodies. That’s it. Super easy.

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