How to Add a Hyperlink to Your PowerPoint Presentation

by Michael on October 19, 2009 · 0 comments

This is mostly just a note to myself, but… Have you ever wondered how to add a hyperlink to a PowerPoint presentation? That is, to add a web link that opens in your web browser when you click on it? Well, so have I. Here’s the answer…

After creating a text box and entering your text, simply highlight the word(s) that you want linked, pull down the “Insert” menu, and select “Hyperlink.” This will pull up the “Insert Hyperlink” window where you can enter the url. Note that, depending on your needs, you can link to a document or an e-mail address instead of a web page.

Oh, and for you Mac users out there, you can hit Command-K for the same effect, or you can control-click (or right click if your mouse supports it) and then select “Insert Hyperlink” from the contextual menu.

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