How Many Digital Pictures Will My Memory Card Hold?

by Michael on January 7, 2010 · 1 comment

Did you get a digital camera for Christmas? If so, you might be wondering how many pictures your memory card will hold. Most digital cameras ship with a very small memory card (if they have one at all), so you’ll almost certainly want to pick up a larger memory card, which will allow you to shoot more between downloads.

When deciding how big of a memory card to buy, you’ll likely want to know how many pictures it will hold. What follows is a breakdown of how many pictures you can fit on memory cards of various sizes depending on your camera’s resolution (i.e., the megapixel rating).

Megapixels 2GB Card 4GB Card 8GB Card 16GB Card
6 megapixels 953 photos 1907 photos 3814 photos 7629 photos
8 megapixels 715 photos 1430 photos 2861 photos 5722 photos
10 megapixels 572 photos 1144 photos 2288 photos 4577 photos
12 megapixels 476 photos 953 photos 1907 photos 3814 photos

Unless you shoot a huge number of pictures, and assuming that you download your pics relatively frequently, you can probably get away with a 2GB memory card. I am, however, partial to larger memory cards, such as 4GB or 8GB cards. The price difference isn’t that great, and the extra space gives you way more flexibility.

A larger memory card is especially important if your digital camera is capable of shooting video (most are), and you intend to use it for this.

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bandsxbands March 3, 2010 at 2:15 am

Memory sure is becoming cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. I’m curious as to when we will eventually hit the rate of 1 cent to 1 GB. I’m still waiting for the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 terabyte hard disk, lol.


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