How Long Does it Take to Install a Roof Rack on a Honda Odyssey?

by Michael on August 3, 2012 · 0 comments

As a followup to my article about installing a roof rack on a Honda Odyssey, I wanted to address a question that I received via e-mail: How long does the installation take? Sure, you can save a ton, but is it worth the time invested?

Well, the good news is that it really didn’t take that long, and it’s well worth the relatively small time investment. As I noted previously, I ordered the parts from Amazon (free shipping, no sales tax):

And I had all the necessary tools before I started, including an air saw (not required, a hack saw would work but would add a bit of time), Torx drivers, trim tools (again, not required but makes it easier), etc.

If you read my original article, you’ll know that I ran into a snag because one of the roof bolts had a drop of solder (or something) on it. Thus, I wasted some time trying to get the Torx nut to thread onto the bolt properly.

Without that hiccup, I’d say that it should take around an hour, and certainly no more than two hours. This includes the installation of both the roof rails and the cross bars — the latter go on really quickly once the rails are in place.

This also assumes that you’ve never done it before. If I had to install another set, it would go quite fast.

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