Google Maps iPhone App Crashes on Launch

by Michael on March 27, 2011 · 19 comments

Ugh. First, my iPhone had a dark spot on it’s screen. Next, the replacement had touchscreen problems. Then the re-replacement couldn’t connect to the 3G network. And now this… The Google Maps app started crashing on launch.

I started with all the usual fixes… I power-cycled my phone. I re-booted my phone. I hit the “Reset All Settings” button. Nothing fixed it. I’m not willing to restore my phone to the factory setting, as that would force an update from iOS 4.2.1 to the current version (4.3.1) and I’d lose the ability to jailbreak my phone.

Next up, I turned to Google for answers. I found a couple of things, but they didn’t help. For example, on the off chance that the data associated with my last location was causing the problem, I opened the Contacts app and tapped on an address. This should open Google Maps to the new location, but it just crashed.

I tried toggling the wifi connection off/on because someone reported problems stemming from a hotel wifi network. Coincidentally, we stayed at a hotel last night, though I didn’t connect to the wifi network – at least not intentionally. Alas, this didn’t help, either.

In hopes of ruling out the GPS as the problem, I switched on “Airplane Mode,” which turns off the GPS. Guess what? That didn’t help either. It crashed on launch.

But then I stumbled on the solution… I pointed my laptop to the Google Maps website, pulled up a map (the location shouldn’t matter, I used our zip code) and then e-mailed it to myself (click the “Send” link in the top right). From there, I pulled it up on my iPhone and clicked the “Show on Google Maps” link.

Bam. Success! Upon clicking, the Google Maps app launched without a hitch and displayed the map that I had sent. I’ve since been able to close and re-open the app without a hitch. So there you go… If all else fails, and you can’t get Google Maps to open without crashing, try e-mailing a map to yourself.

Note: This problem had nothing to do with jailbreaking my iPhone, as I haven’t had time to re-jailbreak it since receiving the last replacement. But now that I have everything working, it’s time to fire up greenpois0n. :-)

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