Get Rid of the “Apple Mail To Do” Label in Gmail

by Michael on August 10, 2009 · 0 comments

I recently migrated my e-mail into Google Apps (Gmail for your domain) and have been managing it via IMAP with Apple’s Following a recent OS X 10.5.x update, however, started creating a Gmail label called “Apple Mail To Do.” If you delete it, it re-appears when Mail syncs with your Gmail account. Annoying.

The good news is that I’ve solved the problem (I think). Here’s what I did:

  1. Launch and open the preferences
  2. Select the “Accounts” tab and select your account
  3. Select the “Mailbox Behaviors” sub-tab
  4. Uncheck “Store notes in Inbox”
  5. Select the “Composing” tab
  6. Select “On My Mac” from the “Create Notes & To Do’s in:” pulldown menu
  7. Exit and save preferences, quit
  8. Open Gmail, delete the “Apple Mail To Do” label

That’s it. With any luck, the offending label with stay deleted.

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