Forking Gmail Discussions into New Threads by Editing the Subject Line

by Michael on September 2, 2012 · 0 comments

Threaded conversations are one of the things I love about Gmail. That said, I sometimes want to split conversations into separate threads. This is especially common in multi-recipient conversations.

I’m sure you’ve been there before… Your e-mail conversation is rolling along when one of the people involved decides to wander off into an unrelated topic even though the main discussion is still going.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to arbitrarily split conversation like this into multiple threads. But if you’re willing to be proactive in your own replies, you can “fork” the conversation into multiple threads. To do this, simply edit the subject line before sending your reply.

To edit the subject line, just click the “Edit Subject” link (duh!) after you click reply and change it up. It’s right there under the “To:” line. Assuming that the recipient replies to your message, it will wind up in a dedicated thread, making different topics easier to keep track of.

While this strategy won’t always work, it can be quite helpful when it comes to keeping track of (or re-locating) conversations in an active inbox.

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