Fix the Protected Tweets Problem on the Twitter iPhone App

by Michael on January 29, 2012 · 0 comments

After jailbreaking my iPhone 4S and getting everything back up and running, I ran into a minor snag with the Twitter app. When I clicked on “Home,” it said “Protected Tweets.” What? Protected Tweets? Are you kidding?

Protected from whom? From me, apparently. I couldn’t access my own account, so I did the usual troubleshooting thing… I deleted and reinstalled the app, which should have deleted all of the relevant settings.

But it didn’t help… When I re-installed the app, I ran into the same problem.

Confused, I went into the Settings app and saw that the Twitter tab was greyed out. On a hunch, I clicked through General > Restrictions.

The Restrictions were turned off, but I toggled them on and then off again. And when I went back to the main Settings window, guess what? Twitter was no longer greyed out.

So I clicked into my account, re-entered my password to re-authorize my account, and then exited back out. Voilà. That solved the problem. No more protected Tweets.

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