Fix Netflix Streaming Audio Sync Problems

by Michael on July 27, 2009 · 5 comments

I’ve been a big fan of Netflix for quite some time. I became an even bigger fan when we got our Roku player, which allows us to stream movies straight to our TV. As great as this technology is, it can still be a bit glitchy at times.

I’ve run across a few movies whose video was scrambled on the Roku even though it looked fine on a web browser, and I’ve also run across some movies whose audio was hopelessly out of sync with the video. In such cases, all you can really do is contact Netflix and wait for them to fix it. But what about more subtle audio sync problems?

At times, I’ve noticed that the audio starts out okay, but gradually gets out of sync as you watch. As it turns out, this isn’t an encoding problem. Rather, it’s a playback problem. And guess what? The fix is easy (albeit temporary)… Simply pause/play the movie and things generally get back in sync. If it gets out of sync again, just repeat.

This isn’t a particularly satisfying solution, but it’s probably the best you can hope for until the technology matures. At the very least, it lets you get through problematic movies without losing your mind.

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