DVDs Not Mounting on MacBook Pro?

by Michael on April 14, 2009 · 0 comments

Have you ever had problems getting a DVD to mount on your MacBook Pro? I have, and it can be very frustrating. When I pop in the disc, it spins up as expected, but then nothing more happens.

The DVD Player app should open, and the DVD should appear on the desktop. But none of that happens. I’ve Googled high and low for a solution and found lots of suggestions, but nothing that works. The good news is that, about a week ago, I figured out what was going on…

I run WinXP via Parallels on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, whenever I have Parallels open (which is almost always, at least in the background), Windows commandeers the DVD drive and mounts the disc. When this happens, the DVD won’t mount on the Mac OS X side. While there may be a setting in Parallels to prevent this behavior (I haven’t dug that deep yet), the quick and dirty fix is to simply exit out of Parallels.

So… If you’re having trouble with a DVD that won’t mount on your Mac, make sure that Windows isn’t interfering.

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