Dark Spot on iPhone Screen?

by Michael on March 16, 2011 · 0 comments

Shortly after I upgraded from my old iPhone 3Gs to an iPhone 4, I noticed that there was a somewhat dark (dim) spot on the retina display. It was less an inch from the top, right in the middle of the display. Not a huge deal, but definitely annoying.

Since our nearest Apple store is 40+ miles away, and it wasn’t a crippling problem, I just decided to deal with it. This week, however, I had a bit of free time, and I’ve also had some recent issues with my iPhone not turning on, so I decided to make the trek to the store.

For starters, I downloaded and used the Apple Store app to make a Genius Bar appointment. I then proceeded to un-jailbreak break my iPhone putting it into recovery mode and restoring thee factory settings. Once that was done, I hit the road.

Upon arrival at the Apple Store, I was greeted by an service rep who checked me in using his iPad. A few minutes later, I was talking to a somewhat grumpy “Genius” who informed me that the dark spot on my screen was a “cosmetic” issue, and that they’d swap it out once (and only once) as a courtesy.

When I asked if I could inspect the replacement to make sure it didn’t have similar issues, he said no – I’d have to take whatever he gave me. Given that this is a relatively rare problem, I decided to roll the dice. My backup plan was to make a huge, public stink if he handed me a lemon.

The good news is that he emerged from the back about 10 minutes later with a newly activated, pristine replacement phone. While I could’ve done without the attitude, I’m certainly a happy camper.

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