Best Way to Cool Off and Stop Sweating After Running?

by Michael on August 8, 2010 · 0 comments

I sweat. A lot. And during our hot Southern summers, I tend to continue sweating for quite awhile after an outdoor run. In fact, try as I might to cool off when I’m done, I often find myself still sweating when I get out of the shower.

Note that I’m not really talking about cooling down per se. Rather, I talking about literally cooling off. That is, getting my body back to the point where I’m no long sweating like crazy.

My typical routine is to finish out my runs with a cool down walk, ideally followed by some stretching and foam rolling to keep my muscles loose. I then drink a couple large glasses of ice water and have a small snack while standing under the ceiling fan to start cooling off.

From there, I take my time (as much as my schedule will allow) getting into a long, cool shower in hopes that I’ll actually cool off and stop sweating. Unfortunately, I’ll typically get out, get dressed, and realize that I’m still sweating. Ugh.

This week, I tried taking a cool bath (while drinking my ice water) before showering, but that didn’t really help. After showering, I wound up standing around with an ice pack (from a tight hamstring) on the back of my neck and top of my head, but even that didn’t help much.

The real problem here has to do with scheduling. I like to run before work, and I have ample time to warm, stretch, run, and cool down after my workout, but I rarely have enough time to sit around waiting for the sweating to stop.

Any suggestions for speeding up the process?

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