Bad News on the Sony TV Front

by Michael on November 9, 2009 · 12 comments

Just a quick followup to me earlier post about a Sony TV that won’t turn on… We’ve been swamped and unable to do any TV shopping, so we’ve been limping along with the hair dryer fix. Unfortunately, the problem is getting worse.

While we were originally able to get the TV to turn on after 2-3 minutes with the blow dryer, it’s now taking 5-10 minutes. I’m embarrassed to admit that we’ve actually resorted to leaving it on when we leave the room instead of struggling to turn it back on when we need it.

To make this work without being annoying, we switch it over to an input source that’s not currently in use. That way have dead silence and a black screen (aside from a bit of green text). Yes, it’s a waste of electricity, but at least we now have a bit of extra motivation to solve the problem.

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